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LISA Fallows - Savvy Hair and Beauty

My journey started at the age of 17 through community learning.

I started my first course from leaving school it was a basic make up course in local community centre, I first attended community learning as I did not have the GCSEs results I was hoping for to access me into college.
At that point of starting my community learning class I knew this is what I wanted to do. The tutor was so inspiring I wanted to do teaching.
I then progressed on to more courses and through college I completed all my NVQ qualifications I would need to be able to teach in the area I wanted to deliver in.

I then approached community learning again in 2004 and completed my 7404 teaching qualification stage 1 and stage 2.
Community learning gave me the opportunity to teach for them voluntary to gain my teaching hours which was required to complete my teaching. I completed 2 years voluntary hours delivering beauty courses through out Middlesbrough within the local community centre.
I first hand seen the impact it had on people's life's and the community. As we delivered to all community's from different backgrounds and beliefs.
I then went on to university and completed my certificate in education and graduated in 2007.

As community learning stopped delivering beauty courses through out Middlesbrough, I knew there was a massive demand and decided to go in on my own and set a private training academy up to offer short courses within the community. I then approached Middlesbrough community learning and applied to become a commissioned partner delivering in the community and reaching the deprived areas and people, as this sector had been with drawn for the community
I now have a successful teaching company and are reaching the deprived areas I am making a massive impact within the community supporting people to improve mental health and wellbeing, providing opportunities to move into employment and volunteering, building self esteem and confidence.

I always refer my students in to other organisations as I believe networking is key to success and the student then can progress on within their career.

College was not convenient for me as running a business, small family and a house is hard work and if it wasn't for community learning being flexible and part time and local within my community centre. I personally would not of been where I am today I owe my success to community learning and the inspiring tutors they have working for them as this is where my journey began. If community learning was not available I know it will have a massive negative impact in Middlesbrough as Middlesbrough is already a deprived area I feel community learning gives hope to people of Middlesbrough and makes people's aspirations come true.

I have now again approached community learning to complete my assessors award as again it is convenient to adapt around my busy life. I am hoping in the near future to complete my IV award with community learning.